The last article in this series left off with the re-arrest of the apostles in the Temple. After being taken back into custody, they were taken directly before the Sanhedrin (Acts 5:27). There, the High Priest accused them of direct disobedience to the orders of the Sanhedrin (v. 28). The intent was clear, “…they were…intending to slay them” (v. 33).

Therefore, with the death penalty now looming over the apostles, enter Gamaliel. “But a Pharisee named Gamaliel, a teacher of the law, who was honored by all the people, stood up in the Sanhedrin and ordered that the men be put outside for a little while” (v. 34). Who was this man who could, by his own authority, suspend the hearing, command that the accused be removed from the courtroom, take the floor away from the High Priest, give an uninvited speech, and reverse the intentions of the Sanhedrin and get the apostles released (vv. 34-40)?

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This article was originally published with AG NEWS. “Who was Gamaliel?” AG NEWS, October 6, 2016.

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