Contact – How do I get in touch with Bible Unplugged?

Feel free to email us at info@bibleunplugged.com to get information or ask questions. You can also contact BU by calling our office at 1-800-704-7952.

BU will communicate about the trip through email so please have an email address handy. If you do not have an email address, use a family member or friend’s email address and have them share our communication with you.

Remember, email is essential, as this is the only way our office will get necessary trip material to you. No information will be sent by regular mail.

Daily Schedule – What type of daily schedule will we keep?

The bus will typically roll out of the hotel around 7:30am and will return in time for the evening meal. An itinerary will be provided detailing the events of the day however, the order of events may change. If possible, additional sites will be added to your itinerary. Being able to adapt to possible changes in the schedule is key as weather, Jewish, Muslim and Christian holidays and other conditions may impact our established plans.

Hotels – What are the hotels like?

The chosen hotels for this trip have been recommended by Israeli professional tour operators and many have been our favorites from past trips. Typically a room includes two twin size beds and a bathroom. On rare occasion, you may be asked to include a third twin/fold out bed. Single room beds are typically available at an additional cost but is dependent on hotel approval.

Most hotels supply a bath towel, bar of soap, shampoo and a hair dryer using 220 volts. At times, washcloths are not available.

Food – Will I have food choices with my meals? Do I pay for lunch?

Breakfast and the evening meal are provided as part of the hotel package. These two meals typically are served in buffet style with ample choices available. Lunch is NOT provided in the Program cost unless indicated on your itinerary. You will individually purchase lunch at an organized lunch break as we explore the land. Plan to spend $12-$20 for lunch. We suggest you bring a few of your favorite snacks to eat on the bus as lunch could occasionally be late. Drinks such as bottled water, Coke, spritzer, tea and coffee are extra.

Bus – What type of transportation will we use? Does it have a Bathroom?

A luxury air-conditioned tour bus will serve as our main form of transportation. Water is typically available for purchase on most tours from the bus driver. NOTE: There is no bathroom available on the bus. Bathroom stops are made every 1.5 – 2 hours.

Bus – How will I get from Ben Gurion airport to the hotel by the Mediterranean?

Exact step-by step information will be provided.

Items Included – What is included in the cost of the Study Program?
  • Hotel cost for each overnight in the land
  • Israeli Breakfast & Buffet Dinner with hotel stay
  • Coach bus transportation to all sites and
  • Coach bus transportation on departure to Ben Gurion airport
  • All scheduled Program activities
  • Professional Israeli guide or other local guide as needed
  • Historical site/museum entry fees
  • Pre-trip educational videos
  • Instructional materials
  • Tips & Taxes
Items NOT Included – What is NOT included in the cost of the Study Program?
  • Airline tickets to and from Israel
  • Depending on arrival time, transportation from airport to hotel
  • Overseas medical insurance (Required to purchase for trip)
  • Overseas travel insurance
  • Daily lunches and specialty beverages (Coke, tea, coffee…)
  • Any incidental personal items or needs
Cash & Credit Cards – How much money should I bring and in what form?

Cash is preferred, typically using small bills including $50 and less. ATM’s are sparse and not available like in the USA.

Visa & MasterCard are typically accepted in major places. American Express is typically not accepted.

It is suggested that between $100-$200 be exchanged at the airport upon arrival.

Travelers Checks are typically useless.

Costs while in Israel – What are the typical expenses when in Israel?

You will need money for the following: If requested, a taxi (Sherut /Sher-root) to hotel upon arrival, lunches, drinks, free day excursion if offered (sit in a coffee shop, return to a site/museum, or shop), shopping in Bethlehem & Jerusalem.

Day bag or backpack – What do I need to bring with me on the bus each day?

You will need to bring with you a day bag or backpack that includes your printed field-trip notes provided by BU, sun hat, snacks, ear buds & receiver, name tag, sunscreen, cash, possible medication, supplemental medication such as Tylenol, Dramamine…, sunglasses, water bottle (also available on the bus), powdered electrolyte formula for water such as Gatorade and a modesty kit. If possible, bring a brightly colored bag or backpack to be easily seen in your hotel room or on a bench should we almost leave it behind.

Modesty kit – What is a Modesty Kit and why do I need one

A modesty kit consists of a slip-on, wrap-around or zip-on piece of clothing that can be used at holy sites. If you are wearing modest shorts, sleeveless tops or low-neck lines be prepared to use your Modesty Kit to enter particular sites announced by your tour guide. All shoulders and knees must be covered at these sites for both males and females. Shawls, elastic waist slip-on skirts are ideal. All women should have a scarf if needed to cover their head.

Ear buds?

The tour will provide ear buds but feel free to use your own ear buds. We will use them in conjunction with the receiver to be distributed at the beginning of the Program. Your instructor will issue a receiver to each person as he will speak into a head-set which will be picked up by your receiver and into your ear buds. Should you need to stay on the bus, you can possibly hear the tour leader speaking on-site.

Dress – What should I wear when in Israel?

Modest, comfortable clothes are best. Avoid fancy clothes as it attracts attention. Bring clothes you can wash in the sink and dry overnight. Layers are best in the winter and spring months as it can be cold, cool and hot all in one day. Older outdoor clothes that can be left behind are fine for our daily field trips. Please do not bring expensive jewelry or jewelry that holds sentimental value. Leave your diamonds at home.

Walking and Sitting – What might I bring to assist with hikes and lectures?

You may consider bringing a sitting cushion or small camping chair to keep on the bus and use as needed. A collapsible walking stick may work well. Please experiment using a walking stick at home so you are aware of how it works for your needs. Compression socks have been known to assist those on hikes or ankle sleeves for tired feet.

Shoes – What type of shoe will I need for our field trips?

Wear walking shoes with deep treads as your main footwear. Trekking tennis shoes or light-weight hiking shoes do well. Traction is very important as we hike rock or gravel trails. Speak with your shoe store employee and inform of your need for a shoe with traction. Flip-flops are not acceptable for field trips neither are dress shoes, heels or street shoes. Consider breaking-in your shoes for 1-2 months prior to departure.

Luggage restriction – How much should I pack?

Pack light, light, light…all in one suitcase and carry on. The bus only has so much room for luggage and stored water so please limit your luggage. Some of our hotels will send out your laundry typically for a hefty sum or you can wash in the sink. Bring detergent, clothes-pins to hand up items and possibly a hanger or two. If you shop while in Israel, you may want to leave some clothes behind for the needy.

Roommate – Will I need to share my hotel room with a roommate?

Your land-only package includes a roommate. Please list the name of your desired roommate in your registration application. If you do not list a roommate, BU will make every effort to assign you a roommate. You are encouraged to find a friend, relative or acquaintance that might desire to be a traveling partner and roommate. This idea works well should a personal problem occur.

Should there not be an available roommate, you may be required to pay the single room supplement fee, but we will do all that we can to avoid this fee. On some occasions, it may be necessary to assign three to a room.

Electrical and Plug Adaptors – Will I need an adapter for such items as my CPAP or computer charger?

The electrical supply in Israel is 200 volts, single phase, 50 hertz. Your small American appliances are 110 volts (hair dryer, curling iron, laptop, tablet and various chargers, etc.) Some American small appliances will convert the 220 volts down to 110 volts automatically but check your electrical appliance in advance of departure.

You will need a Type “C” plug adaptor for some of your small appliances. Type “C” adaptors are valid for Southern Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.

Typically, you plug your appliance into the adaptor first and then plug the adapter into the wall socket. Follow all adapter instructions included in your adapter kit. These adapters are usually available online at Amazon or stores like Walmart and Target.

Do I need medical or trip insurance?

Overseas/foreign “medical” insurance is mandatory and “travel” insurance is optional.

These types of insurance plans are NOT covered in the cost of your land-only Program. Medicare, Medicaid and many basic insurance policies are not valid for overseas medical coverage. You MUST secure an alternative health/medical insurance plan and upload your policy card in your online registration material.

Mission Assure is an overseas/foreign medical insurance program offered by the Assemblies of God Insurance Solutions office and accessed through your Assemblies of God pastor. It is one of the best and one of the most cost effective overseas/foreign medical insurance plans around at about $4.50 per day.

If your group determines Mission Assure to be a good option, your AG pastor will provide each person a form to sign and complete prior to uploading to Mission Assure. Again, your AG pastor will supply the form, upload all forms and payment.  http://www.agfinancial.org/international-travel/ 

 “Travel insurance” is optional. If you desire to protect your travel investment against an unforeseen cancellation or a needed emergency return flight home, we recommend you purchase a travel insurance policy.