Dr. Wave Nunnally

Professor Emeritus of Early Judaism and Christian Origins Evangel University, Springfield, MO

Jewish backgrounds, New Testament, Hebrew language and the land of Israel are areas of
expertise for Dr Wave Nunnally. He has studied, taught and written in these areas for over 40
years. His study trips to Israel include various church, student, and pastoral groups, as well as
district and national officials and range from 8-21 days.

He and his family moved to Israel in 1982 to complete an MA in Hebrew Language and since
this time, he has immersed himself in the land of the Bible. In addition to the land and language
of the Bible, he has focused his studies on original sources such as the Dead Sea Scrolls, rabbinic
literature and Josephus.

For 10 continuous years, Dr Nunnally pursued graduate studies at the masters and doctoral
levels. He holds an MA in Hebrew Language from Jerusalem University College, an MA in Old
Testament from Reformed Theological Seminary, and an MPhil and PhD in Hebraic & Cognate
Studies (Jewish backgrounds of the Bible) from Hebrew Union College.

Dr Nunnally is the author of numerous articles and books with a focus on the New Testament,
and especially the Gospels and Acts. He currently serves as Professor of Early Judaism and
Christian Origins at Evangel University – AGTS.

Dr. Nunnally continues to teach a weekly Bible study in his local church. He invites you to view it on his Facebook page – Wave Nunnally. In addition, he regularly preaches, teaches, conducts Jewish background seminars in local churches throughout the USA.