Hackberry Creek Church

February 26 - March 7, 2024

Join Dr. Nunnally and team in 2024 for an on-site, educational trip to Israel where we will study the Bible together in context. Scripture will become alive as Dr Nunnally shares the history, geography, language, culture and ancient literature of various sites. We look forward to exploring the Bible, plus the land, people and customs of Israel with you and Pastor Jonathan. Registration is open for the Hackberry Creek Church congregation!


LAND only price – $3475 total land package
Registration – $500 seat secured with a registration payment
½ payment due by September 1, 2023 – $1487.50
Final payment due by December 1, 2023 -$1487.50


Day 1 – Monday February 26, 2024 

Grab your passport and depart the USA!

Day 2 – Tuesday, February 27, 2024                                                                   

Arrive in Israel and on the way to the hotel, view and discuss the Way of the Sea. Overnight on the Mediterranean Coast

Day 3 – Wednesday, February 28, 2024                                           

We will start the day with a stop at Caesarea where we will focus on Peter, Paul and the early Church. Next we head up to Mt Carmel and address Elijah and the prophets of Baal. Part of today’s journey will include a visit to Jesus’s hometown of Nazareth & Mt. Precipice. Overnight in Galilee

Day 4 – Thursday, February 29                                                                 

On our visit to Tel Dan, we will enjoy a hike through a nature preserve where we see the sources of the Jordan River, study Scripture, visit the high place of Dan and city gates from the time of Abraham and Jeroboam. After this stop, the bus will carry us about two miles to Caesarea Philippi, the capital of Philip’s territory and discuss Peter’s great confession of faith.

Next, we will ascend the Golan Heights to a war memorial. Here we will review Paul’s journey on the Damascus Road and review the role of Mt Hermon in ancient times and today. Overnight in Galilee

Day 5 – Friday, March 1: Erev Shabbat               

Today we will travel around the Sea of Galilee. We will stop on the north shore at Capernaum, which was the home base of Jesus messianic ministry and to Korazin, which is found 2 miles from Capernaum. We will also stop at the Church of the Beatitudes. One stop on the western shore is Magdala, home of Mary Magdalene, which has an excavated 1st-century synagogue where Jesus likely taught. Then on to the Yigael Alon Museum which holds a 1st-century fishing boat from the Sea of Galilee, similar to the ones Jesus used.

Grab a jacket, for our Sea of Galilee boat ride that will help orient us to Biblical locations around the lake and allow us to travel the same body of water that Jesus referred to so many times in the Word.  Overnight in Galilee                                         

Day 6 – Saturday, March 2: Shabbat                     

We will pack up and have an early morning ride that will take us to the Judean Wilderness and Dead Sea area. This includes an ascent to the top of Masada, Herod’s greatest fortress, Qumran, the Dead Sea Scrolls caves, Kaliya Beach and a Dead Sea float and the Jerusalem-Jericho Road where we will recall the parable of the Good Samaritan. We will enter Jerusalem at dusk with a stop at the Mt of Olives. Overnight in Jerusalem 


Day 7 – Sunday, March 3                                              

Our first stop is the Israel Museum, which houses a one-acre model of Jerusalem & the Temple in the time of Jesus. Next, we will tour the Shrine of the Book which houses Israel’s Dead Sea Scrolls. We will travel next to Yad Vashem, Holocaust Remembrance Center.

Our next museum stop will be the City of David where we will see extensive excavations first hand and hear engaging accounts of King David and Jerusalem. Overnight in Jerusalem

Day 8 – Monday, March 4                                               

The first stop of the day is Bethlehem, which includes the Church of the Nativity at Manager Square, the Shepherds’ Field and an olivewood shop. We then return to Jerusalem to visit the Tower of David Museum and Herod’s Palace.  Here, we also get an overview of Old Jerusalem from the west. We conclude our study with a visit to the Church of Holy Sepulcher/Resurrection.  After returning to our hotel, we conclude our day together with a Celebration Dinner at Notre Dame. Overnight in Jerusalem

Day 9 – Tuesday, March 5                                   

A brief bus ride takes us down into the Kidron Valley and the Church of All Nations.  Here, we visit the Garden of Gethsemane and discuss the arrest of Jesus and His ultimate sacrifice. After a brisk walk, we re-enter the Old City through St. Stephen’s/Lion’s Gate.  Our next stop is St. Anne’s Church compound which includes the Pools of Bethesda where Jesus healed a man unable to walk. Next, we walk to the Western Wall and take time to pray at the Wall. After another short walk, we visit the Pinnacle of the Temple and the Southern Steps leading to the Temple Mount. Overnight in Jerusalem

Day 10 – Wednesday, March 6                                               

Today we will check out of the hotel in Jerusalem for our final day of exploration in Israel. We begin at the Garden Tomb for communion and worship. Next stop is Jerusalem University College to view an ancient city gate, baptistery and gravesite of Horatio Spafford. (www.juc.edu)

After lunch we will drive to the Shephelah region to discuss the life of Samson and Ark of the Covenant. We will travel through the Elah Valley which is home to Azekah, Socoh, Sha’araim and the Brook Elah to discuss the battle between David & Goliath. Next stop is dinner and the airport.

Day 11 – Thursday, March 7

Arrive is USA

Schedules, housing and itinerary are subject to change without notice due to the devaluation of the dollar, political uncertainties and impact of Covid. This itinerary is based on the best possible use of time management, keeping in mind the complexities of Jerusalem traffic, the current political climate and opening hours as regards to Jewish, Christian and Muslim holidays.