Views From The Mount of Olives

Views from the Mount of Olives

Just as Jesus and his disciples had, the Mount of Olives provides visitors an incredible view of Jerusalem, the City of David, the Temple site, and even the Herodian. Dr. Wave Nunnally points out major features of the view and relates them to familiar biblical passages.

Dr. Wave Nunnally

Professor of Early Judaism and Christian Origins Evangel University, Springfield, MO

Jewish backgrounds, New Testament, Hebrew language and the land of Israel are areas of expertise for Dr Wave Nunnally. He has studied, taught and written in these areas for over… More

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March 7 - March 19, 2022

Details: Cost $3,475 per person + Airfare  Registration of $500 Payments $1,487 due September 3, 2021 $1,488 due October 29, 2021 New Hope A/G “Life of Jesus” Itinerary Day 1: … More